A forum that addressed E-Government Policy Formulation and Implementation was held on Tuesday and Wednesday at the new NEMA Headquarters.

The focus question for the forum was: “How can Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) enable public sector modernization, improved service delivery and productivity?”

Additionally participants explored how supporting evidence, with respect to e-government policies and strategies, would be collected and applied to ensure transparency, relevance and effectiveness.

The objective of the workshop was organized specifically for top-level government officials to identify priorities for E-Government and ICT public administration. Also to assess emerging ICT’s and develop strategies for the adoption of  Information Technology (IT)  solutions.

Permanent Secretary of Public Sector Reform, Douglas Wattley, said the workshop was critical, given the pace of online communication and business in the globalised community.

Wattley explained that the Government must facilitate the transition of its clients from traditional business to E-Government business. He explained that apart from providing convenience, online transactions also help to eliminate lengthy periods for transactions across borders