Carleen Henry-Morton, Ministry of Tourism Permanent Secretary

Basseterre, St. Kitts – An avenue for fruitful collaboration across government ministries and departments was provided by a July 24 one-day Enterprise Risk Management Policy and Risk Assessments Seminar held for permanent secretaries.

“I find that this seminar is promoting a lot of collaboration,” said Carleen Henry-Morton, Ministry of Tourism Permanent Secretary. “I think that is absolutely necessary so we don’t have systems that duplicate each other in other words a lot of redundancies in our ministries.

“I understand there should be a collaborative approach, a comprehensive system where government is concerned and we work together basically off of that general template,” Mrs. Henry-Morton said. “The seminar was interesting and provided much food for thought.”

Mrs. Henry-Morton explained that after going back to the individual ministries there is a possibility that there will be areas which require permanent secretaries to drill down on to have systems that apply to their respective ministries. She noted that the collaboration comes when they regroup for further discussions.

“Whenever we get together, we are looking at resolving issues and challenges and there must be that big picture approach to resolving the challenges and understanding what the risks are generally-speaking before we can begin to understand what the specific risks are within our individual ministries,” said the permanent secretary.”

Permanent Secretary Henry-Morton said she intends to share a lot of what was discussed with the unit heads within her ministry and then generally with the staff so that they too can understand the concept of risk management.

Mrs. Henry-Morton said the seminar afforded the public servants a high-level of understanding.

“It will give them perspective they will need to effectively lead the establishment of risk policy, roles and responsibilities,” she said. “They will help them determine risk criteria for subsequent risk assessments performed by business process managers under their authority.”

According to a release from the Honourable Vincent Byron, Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Legal Affairs and Communication, a training of this nature is important for the mere fact that the Federation, like any other country is exposed to risks.

“All activities of our country involve risk,” the release said. “We manage risk by identifying it, analyzing it and then evaluating whether the risk should be modified by risk treatment to satisfy the risk criteria. Throughout this process, we communicate and consult with stakeholders and monitor and review the risk and the controls that are modifying the risk to ensure that no further risk treatment is required.”