Even 007 Can’t Cope with Coronavirus as DeathToll Soars

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Now in seems even James Bond 007 can’t cope with coronavirus. The release of the latest installment in the James Bond movie franchise is reportedly being pushed back amid fears of the disease.

“No Time to Die,” starring Daniel Craig as the famed fictional M16 agent 007, was poised to hit theaters in the United States on April 10. It now will be released on Nov. 25, MGM and Universal studios, along with the film’s producers, said in a Wednesday statement.

This is the latest in a series of postponements and cancelations the now worldwide epidemic, nearing pandemic status with a soaring death toll currently at 3,884.

Here’s the latest on the coronavirus outbreak:

The numbers: The global total of cases now stands at more than 105,000, with 3,884 deaths since the epidemic began.
Italy on lockdown: Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte signed a decree which will put most of the country’s north under lockdown. The entire Lombardy region is included as well as 14 other provinces. In these areas citizens are only allowed to travel for unavoidable and urgent health issues.
China hotel collapse: Seven people have died after a hotel that was being used as a coronavirus quarantine center collapsed in China’s Quanzhou city. Of 71 people trapped in the rubble, 28 remain unaccounted for.
South Korean cases rise above 7,100: Seoul announced over 367 new infections today, bringing the country’s total to 7,134, including 50 deaths — the worst outbreak outside of China.
US cases surpass 440: There are 444 cases of the coronavirus in the US. The US has recorded 19 deaths linked to the virus.
First coronavirus death in South America: A 64-year-old man diagnosed with the novel coronavirus after traveling to Europe died in Argentina on Saturday, according to the Argentine health ministry.
Other cases: Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam reported new cases on Sunday. Maldives reported its first two cases.
Countries impose quarantines: Thailand asks travelers from China, South Korea, Iran and Italy to self-isolate for 14 days and Macao said travelers from Germany, France, Spain and Japan will need to undergo a 14-day quarantine in designated facilities.
Grand Princess: The cruise ship with 21 cases of coronavirus, which has been waiting 50 miles off the coast of California, will be allowed to dock in Oakland on Monday.
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