By Lesroy W. Williams Observer Reporter
(Taipei, Republic of China)”The former president of Taiwan, Chen Shui-bian, of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), was arrested and detained by police in Taipei on November 11, a New York Times report has said. Mr. Shui-bian was led to court in handcuffs while shouting “Long live Taiwanese independence” and “political oppression.” Prosecutors are probing whether Mr. Shui-bian embezzled money while serving as president and whether his family members and aides were involved in laundering millions of dollars worth of campaign funds.His arrest is part of a bigger corruption investigation that includes his senior aides, his wife, son, as well as brother-in-law. They have all been named defendants in the case. Mr. Shui-bian’s wife is presently on trial for money-laundering. Mr. Shui-bian has washed his hands of any wrongdoing and has accused President Ma of the KMT party of a politically motivated attack against him and his family because of his strong support of Taiwan’s Independence. However, prosecutors hope to lay charges against him.”” Mr. Shui-bian’s anti-China rhetoric made him a very popular leader during his eight year rule but he was seen in a very unpopular light after his wife was charged with corruption in 2006 and his son-in-law was held on insider trading charges. Mr. Shui-bian’s arrest comes on the heels of a high- ranking visit to Taiwan by Chen Yunlin, a top Chinese official, whose visit turned a historic page since the 1949 Civil War that has left irreconcilable differences between Taiwan and China. It was the first such visit since the war almost 60 years ago. The visit by Mr.Yunlin brought about the signing of thirteen agreements with Taiwan, most of them having to do with flights and cargo between the two countries. Mr. Yunlin’s visit was not with without protests and demonstrations by Mr. Shui-bian’s party, the DPP, who accused President Ma of a sellout with China.Ex-President, Mr. Shui-bian, who ruled Taiwan from 2000-2008, was a staunch supporter of Taiwan’s Independence from China. While in power, he was seen by China as a troublemaker and the relationship between the two countries was much colder than it is now.Since the election of President Ma Ying-jeou of the Kuomintang Party on May 20 of this year, relationship between China and Taiwan has grown significantly warmer because President Ma has opted for “flexible diplomacy” with its Chinese counterpart. President Ma is walking a thin line by remaining open to Beijing in matters of trading and financial relationships that would be of mutual benefit to both countries while recognizing that the knotty political imbroglio will never be easily negotiated. The situation is one between a rock and a hard place.”” China regards Taiwan as a renegade province and does not support Taiwan’s independence. China wants unification with Taiwan and still holds on to the “One China” policy.