Participants perform CPR during last year's training.

The Department of Youth Empowerment in St. Kitts hosted its Annual Island-Wide Bike Ride and a CPR and First Aid Training last weekend as part of Youth Month 2019 activities.

The CPR and First Aid Certification Workshop took place Saturday. Twenty persons representing youth groups and youth-serving agencies, as well as interested individuals, registered to attend the training at the Red Cross Headquarters at Horsfords Road.

Practical exercises addressed: Performing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), making a triangular bandage, relieving choking using the Heimlich manoeuvre, and treating open fractures, cuts and bruises, as well as burns and other injuries. Theoretical sessions covered a wide variety of issues, including how to detect symptoms of a stroke, heart attack, seizure, diabetic attack and more.

The government covered half of the cost of the training to make it more affordable for persons to attend the life-saving classes.

Sunday was the Annual Island-Wide Bike Ride. More than 100 persons from all age groups were expected to ride bicycles around the island via the main road. A rest stop in Sandy Point allowed cyclists to take a refreshment break before proceeding to the Bay Road in Basseterre, where they will finish their journey.

Other popular activities scheduled for Youth Month 2019 are a Seabed Cleanup on Nov. 9, a Fun Day for the Differently Abled Nov. 15, a High Schools Chef Competition on Nov. 26 and a High School Choir Festival on Nov. 28. This year’s theme is Empowering our Youth to Follow Their Dreams, Youth Month 2019. 

Watch Video of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Youth’s Official Address to Mark the Start of Youth Month 2019