DPP enlists top UK judge and defense attorney Personnel within the justice system will receive extensive professional development training to plug operational and procedural gaps and deficiencies. The recently launched program was envisaged by Director of Public Prosecution Travers Sinanan and executed with the assistance of the Ministries of National Security and Justice and Legal Affairs, and the Police High Command. DPP Sinanan said upon taking office in July 2013, he recognized the need for improvement in the various arms of the justice system. He said he pledged that training was going to be a priority and an objective which was going to be achieved. “We know, and must honestly admit there is room for improvement, for development and room for progress. Let us not be afraid to embrace the benefits that come with a structured, organized and ordered program of learning and training,”he said. Sinanan pointed out that the state and nature of the level of preparation of the prosecution’s case work “has been severely affected, it has been mediocre”. “We know there are learning gaps. We know there is a lack of knowledge, and in certain areas we need to tighten up; and by embarking on this program, not only would those deficiencies ad pitfalls be addressed, but they would come with a confidence and focus that would be reflected in your courtroom manner and presentations, and proceedings.”A reactive approach to crime solving was a thing of the past, he admonished, and the players in the justice system have to move into the 21st century. He called on them to discard the archaic methods, embrace the new proactive learning and engage the existing criminality with a decisive robustness. “We must not be satisfied by just being reactive and mediocre in our crime solving techniques and our prosecutorial manner. It is imperative that we are proactive, we are practical, we are structured and organized to ensure the swift and effective eradication and prevention of this specter that haunts the law abiding citizens of St. Kitts and Nevi,”he said. The expertise of two esteemed individuals from the UK has been solicited to assess the training needs- His Lordship Justice Shaun Lyons and noted Defense Attorney Imran Khan. Justice Lyons is a former member of the British Royal Navy. He took up his first judicial appointment in 1992 and in 1994 he became the Resident Senior Judge at Wood Green Crown Court. Justice Lyons has also sat on a number of steering committees involving legislative and constitutional reform. The DPP said Justice Lyons carries out his functions with an immense microscopic scrutiny. Khan is the senior partner in Imran Khan and Partners. He is a visiting professor of the South Bank University, a patron of the Law Clinic of East London and a trustee of the British Institute of Human Rights. Khan is a man of dogged determination, dedicated and hardworking, incisive and has an agility and alacrity of mind with the speed of Usain Bolt, said DPP Sinanan. “We are going to be privileged to be exposed to his professionalism and his commitment. He has made it clear the gaps and the pit falls we are going to plug them and address them.”Khan told the audience of law enforcement and legal personnel that has spent almost all his career as a defense lawyer defending those charged with murder, terrorism, armed robberies and other crimes. This, he said, has given him the ability to identify and take advantage of deficiencies in the investigative process. “As a solicitor in London over the past 20 years I’ve been able to gain some insight into the criminal justice system into what works and what doesn’t. “Do I love officers who are not prepared, don’t have their notebook? Oh it’s lovely; I get a buzz out of it,”he said. On a more serious note, Khan emphasized that “if a guilty person goes scott free, it’s not my fault, it’s yours. You allowed that to happen”. The DPP reminded that crime is organized, criminals are sophisticated and their criminality is ruthless. “If we do not accept that, then we are living in cloud boo boo land and we are walking around with our eyes closed. We can bury our heads in the sand for so long but at some point you’re going to have to pull your head out and come up for air.”The only response to this level of criminality was to train and prepare, the DPP said. “We do this not for ourselves, we do this in service of the public so they ca be confident that those who are tasked with protecting and serving them safeguard their interest in the criminal justice system and do so professionally competently and fearlessly and fairly.”