Eye of the beholder

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The Editor                                                                                                                                         May 1, 2006

The Observer of Friday, April 28, 2006 splashed a sexually-explicit photograph on its front page captioned in bold type “Sex In The City”. The printing of this exceedingly depraved and abominably vulgar photograph awards The Observer “ THE 2006 FIRST PRIZE FOR STINKING GUTTER JOURNALISM IN THE FEDERATION”

What is the editorial criteria that includes the publication of this photograph on the front page and excludes  the publication on an inside page of a recently rejected “ Commentary” by James Gaskell re ‘A Second Imaginary Interview’.

The Observer claims that it is “ The Federation’s Politically Independent News Source”. Accordingly, does it not have the obligation and responsibility to inform its readers what independent, identical, specific editorial criteria determined the publication and non-publication, respectively, of the two aforementioned items?

Lloyd Hezekiah

Fort Charcles, Nevis

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