Families, communities, churches play key role in raising productive children

    Commissioner of Her Majesty’s Prison in St. Kitts and Nevis, Terrance James.
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    BASSETERERE, St. Kitts — It is important for families, communities, and churches to interact meaningfully with children as they play an integral role in raising productive children and creating a safe and healthy environment for them to live, according to Terrance James, Commissioner of Corrections at Her Majesty’s Prison.

    “The family is an integral part of society,” said James. “If you start instilling the right and wrong in a child from an early age they will stay on the straight and narrow. When an individual reaches the prison, it is because something has gone wrong.”

    Commissioner James reflected on years gone by during which children attended multiple Sunday schools from a very tender age. He said that at these Sunday schools, children were exposed to the teaching of morals, values, and discipline.

    James said schools and churches also play a pivotal role in the upbringing of children and their development.

    “There are times when we call on the church only for certain things and think that the church should be there all the time,” said James. “The church also plays an integral part in our society.

    “We at Her Majesty’s Prison have the different denomination of church coming into the prison to have sessions with the inmates,” said James, “for most of 2020, sessions halted due to COVID-19.”

    James said the institution looks forward to restarting the programme as the inmates look forward to the spiritual sessions.

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