Farewell, Malcolm

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The entire St. Kitts-Nevis community feels deep sadness at the untimely passing of Mr. Malcolm Guishard, Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly.

To those of us who are stunned by the shock of is sudden death and who raise the question why we can only fall back on the answer: Sometime, sometime, we’ll understand.

It was good for St. Kitts-Nevis while Malcolm lived. From his youth he was always a positive person and never failed to add pleasure to those who came into contact with him.

Everybody knew him in a special way. Some knew him as a jovial fellow with a pleasant sense of humour. Others knew him as a friend who would not fail to stop and concern himself with their problems.

Most people in recent times knew him as a politician who tried his best to represent the Nevis people whom he loved in a very special way.

His colleagues in the political arena knew him as a reliable and enthusiastic supporter of their causes while those on his opposite side respected his candour and delighted in his lack of rancour when they disagreed.

Mr. Guishard set a good example of what a young Nevisian should become and tried his best to point his fellow Nevisians to higher heights of aspirations and achievements.

Although his passing will leave a deep and gaping void amongst us, we rejoice that he left happy memories behind and that those who knew him will think of him fondly now that he is gone.

We join with his family in grief and hope dearly that the pain of his sudden passing will end sometime and that his parents, wife children and brothers and sisters will find relief in clinging to their happy memories of him.

May Malcolm rest in peace.

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