Farmers, Extension Officers Receive Cabbage Varietal Trial Training

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On Feb. 7, 20 farmers and extension officers from across the island participated in an informative cabbage training session on the Union Demonstration Farm.

The training was a collaboration between the Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Security and Rural Development, under the “Enhancement of the Efficiency in the Production-Distribution Supply Chain of the Fruit and Vegetable Sector (Seven Crops Project)”.

The farmers were educated on the general production of cabbage in Saint Lucia: the best husbandry practices to apply during the life cycle, pest and disease management, the most ideal time of the year for cultivation to reduce pest infestation, and the most suitable temperatures for growing cabbages for optimal harvests.

Additionally, they were enlightened on the practice of flood irrigation techniques when cultivating cabbages. The practice has the overall benefit of good harvesting results and saves the farmer time and money.

Three varieties of cabbage were cultivated for the trial namely, Bright Top, Summer Autumn, and Scarlet.

Those in attendance were a mix of practicing cabbage cultivators and those who had never tried the endeavor but had a keen interest.

The training was facilitated by Eric Chen, the Production Specialist on the Seven Crops Project.

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