Farrel Smithen
Farrel Smithen

Farrel Smithen returns as president of the NIA

By Monique Washington

Farrel Smithen will be returning as president of the Nevis Island Assembly after he was nominated and unopposed Jan. 30 at the opening secession of the Nevis Island Assembly  following the Dec.18 NIA elections.

Smithen was nominated by the leader of the Concerned Citizens Movement, Premier the Honourable Mark Brantley and seconded by Deputy Premier the Hon. Alexis Jeffers. The opposition bench was not represented.

Smithen was first nominated as president of the NIA in 2013 following the NIA’s election and was unopposed. Previously, he served as clerk of the House.

During the opening session, Brantley, Jeffers, the Hon. Spencer Brand, the Hon. Eric Evelyn, the Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams and the Hon. Troy Liburd all took the Oath of Allegiance while Acting Deputy Governor-General Marjorie Morton delivered the Throne Speech.