Investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) may be called in to assist local police solving the case of the missing 10-year-old found dead this week. The Observer understands that contact has already been made with the US agency following two inconclusive autopsies. Police Commissioner CG Walwyn confirmed that after the autopsy performed on Kadeem Pereira the day after his body was discovered was inconclusive, a second autopsy was requested to determine cause of death. The second post mortem was performed by Forensic Pathologist Dr. Stephen Jones and that post mortem too could not tell authorities how the boy died. Kadeem’s body was discovered in Godwin Estate Monday (Oct 7) in an open lot adjacent to his house; that day would have been his 10 th birthday. The body was found by a K-9 unit about 40 feet from the residence, separated by a low galvanize fence. Police confirmed that area was searched the previous day. The boy reportedly went missing Saturday evening after his mother, “Kay Kay”Pereira sent him to the shop just after 7. He reportedly bought the sugar and Kool-Aid she sent him to get, left the shop on the island main road, and reportedly never arrived back home, which is just around the corner. Kadeem lived with his mother, father and three other siblings in the small wooden house. Both parents were on the scene as police examined the body and scene. Police Chief Walwyn spoke to the media that same day, informing that there were no signs of foul play on the boy’s body and no disturbance to the area around him. He also posited that the boy had been dead for more than 24 hours when his body was discovered. “There were no marks anywhere on his body,”he told The Observer. According to the Commissioner, the boy’s mother claimed she called the Sandy Point Police station once on the night he went missing but no one had answered the phone. He said the mother’s sister called him at around 11am Sunday and reported the boy missing, and police immediately went into action, launching a massive search for the missing child. Since the incident, the police have come under heavy fire for the way the initial investigation appears to have been handled. Persons accused the Commissioner of not telling the truth with regard his statement that there was no sign of foul play on or around the body. Individuals made reference to the rumor that the boy’s throat had been cut. “We have been forthcoming with information because we have nothing to hide. We reported the facts; I spoke to the media on the scene and answered all the questions they had,”he told this media house. Several residences in the vicinity of the boy’s home and the shop were searched prior to and after the discovery however nothing was found. The search included the house Kadeem lived in and the bushy lot between the two shops where the boy could have walked to get to the main road. Police turned up nothing. With rumors of a sexual assault, the public has become increasing critical of police to find a suspect in the case; however there appears to be more questions than answers. Some of the questions surfacing on social websites include why only one call was allegedly made to police before he was reported missing the next day; where are the items Kadeem purchased in the shop; if there were no signs of a struggle, was Kadeem killed by someone he knew; could the boy have died from natural causes and the body missed during the first search? CoP Walwyn has assured that everything that can be done to solve the case is being done. He said police are investigating all angles to determine what led to the little boy’s death but it was too soon to label it a murder. “At this time the call cannot be made as the investigators do not have conclusive initial information,”he said, informing that police have collected forensic evidence to send off for testing.