By Loshaun Dixon

Health officials in St. Kitts and Nevis are pleased with the amount of testing they were able to do as it relates to COVID-19 noting the Federation was ahead of many territories in the Caribbean.

At The National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) COVID-19 daily briefing, Dr. Cameron Wilkinson highlighted how the Federation compares to other nations in the region.

“To date St. St. Kitts and Nevis has done 2,801 tests per million. St. Martin 2449, Barbados 1834 and Turks and Caicos 1576.”

He said the Federation was ahead of some of the powerhouses in the region. “We are actually ahead of Trinidad, Antigua, Grenada, Jamaica and Guyana per million.

“We have to take into consideration our population so the number of tests we have done per the 54,000 that we have is significantly higher than most of the territories in the region.”

He said his department was content with the amount of testing done with all who require testing being tested.

“I am very happy where we are because we test most of our suspect cases and people who are symptomatic. We cannot test every single person but those who need to be tested are being tested.

It was also noted that there had been 115 negative test results and 60 pending results in the Federation.