Participants at the Opening Ceremony of the Fingerprint Crime Scene Workshop.

A two-week Fingerprint Crime Scene Workshop is commenced Monday at the Police Training School as part of continued training for members of staff in the Forensics Department to further develop skills and knowledge in fingerprint analysis.

The course will conclude Nov. 15, and covers fingerprint patterns and premises, note taking and proper documentation, digital capture and fingerprint, as well as crime scene processing. The participants will also have practical sessions at the Forensics Lab in Tabernacle.

“For the next two weeks you will be focused on the area of fingerprints where the records show some gaps exists…we are seeking to close the gap so at the end of the day your all-around efforts can be more robust,” Assistant Commissioner with responsibility for the Crime Directorate, Andre Mitchell, said. “I want to wish you every success in your training and urge that you give it your fullest attention and commitment…pay full attention to what will be disseminated so that the end of the day your skills will be sharpened and your knowledge based improved.”

He also thanked Inspector Elvis Cordice, from The Royal Antigua and Barbuda Police force, for taking time to facilitate the course.

“Policing now has stepped up, it is no longer the old-time method alone. It has to be merged with technology and in order for us to fight crime, we have to work as a team,” Director of Forensics, Latoya Lake-Marshall, said in thanking Inspector Cordice and the High Command for making the course possible.