Story Courtesy TDC LTD.

(Basseterre, St. Kitts) – One of the region’s leading Manufacturing Companies, the Trinidad Cement Company Limited along with its Corporate partners, the TDC Group of Companies and S L Horsfords and Company Limited recently hosted a Cement Seminar for Industry Professionals in the Federation.

The event took place at the Ocean Terrace Inn on St. Kitts and at the Old Manor Hotel on Nevis where over 90 Contractors, Engineers, Architects, Project Managers, staff of the TDC Home and Building Depots and the St. Kitts Masonry Products along with TCL Executives were on hand for the highly interactive presentations that were facilitated by Mr. Danny H. Jairam.

Mr. Jairam, a Concrete Technologist/Consultant from the Trinidad based ETERCNOC Limited, briefed the participants on the many changes taking place within the Construction and Cement industry.  He discussed how hydraulic cement works as a glue, attributes of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), the need to modify OPC Concrete, attributes of the Premium Pozzolan Cement, as well as, the advantages and disadvantages of the Pozzolan product.

Participants praised the session and expressed their satisfaction in having attended what can best be describes as a timely event, especially in light of the construction boom taking place in the Federation.

“The seminar was fruitful and the facilitator’s delivery of the product information was impressive. Pozzolan Cement is definitely something I would like to try, it will better the quality of my work and it is not that expensive when compared to Ordinary Portland Cement,” said Mr. Brian Brookes of Brookes Architectural Construction.

Mr. Donald Kelsick, Executive Director of S L Horsfords and Co. Ltd, noted that “the seminar was a success, the information was well received, and Pozzolan Cement is expected to set new market standards.”

Mr. Wayne Rawlins, Manager of the Redi-Mix Concrete Operations at the St. Kitts Masonry Products stated that “the presentation was very educational. This product (Pozzolan Cement) would definitely be a welcomed addition to our product base, as it appropriate for our tropical climate.”

Pozzolan Cement is comprised of fly ash or volcanic ash and a chemical binder. This combination produces a very dense matrix that has a slight porosity, thereby dramatically reducing the material’s susceptibility to gas and liquid intrusion, as a result making it a more durable repair material.