First Asylum Seeker Sent From England To Rwanda, But He Volunteered To Go.

Photo: Public domain. The Green Mosque in Kigali. Kigali claims to be one of the safest capital cities in Africa.
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British media has reported that the UK has forwarded its first asylum-seeker to Rwanda under a voluntary scheme, just a week after the UK government adopted a controversial law allowing irregular migrants to be deported to the East African nation, which Britain has now declared with force of law to be a safe haven.

It is understood that the deportee traveled on a civilian airliner.

The man, whose nationality was not disclosed, did not arrive under a controversial deal to deport to Rwanda migrants who enter the U.K. illegally, Alain Mukuralinda, deputy spokesman for the government, told The Associated Press.

“We received him yesterday and we are taking care of him,” he said. “In a few days the asylum-seeker will tell us about his wish either to stay in Rwanda or go somewhere else.”

As yet local media in Rwanda have not picked up the story or filed any reports.

This voluntary scheme is separate from the government’s forced deportation program that seeks to deter asylum seekers from crossing the English Channel, in small boats to live in the UK, an official government policy identifies as “stop the boats”.

The contentious law allows the UK government to expel undocumented migrants to Rwanda, where they would be allowed to remain if their asylum applications are successful.

At the present time it is said that the UK government is rounding up over 5000 unqualified refugees to deport them from Britain. It is understood that they will leave in Royal Air Force transport planes from a military airfield in the south of England.

British authorities have detained the first migrants set to be removed to Rwanda under Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s flagship illegal migration policy, the government said on Wednesday.

Sunak’s Conservative government plans to begin the expulsions by July. Meanwhile, the unnamed man — who left the UK on Monday — is the first to have voluntarily moved to Rwanda after being offered up to 3,000 pounds (US$ 3,740) of financial aid as part of the separate scheme, media reports said.

He had agreed to be sent to Kigali after his asylum request was rejected late last year, several media outlets reported. The man — who is not Rwandan but said to be of “African origin” — left on a commercial flight to Kigali, The Sun newspaper reported.

The news comes weeks before local elections in England and Wales in which the ruling Conservatives are expected to suffer major losses to the opposition Labor Party.

Sunak has made “stopping the boats” one of his five promises to the public, with the asylum-seekers removal seen as a signal to voters that his government’s wider migration plan can be made to work.

“We are now able to send asylum-seekers to Rwanda under our migration and economic development partnership,” a government spokesperson said.

“This deal allows people with no immigration status in the UK to be relocated to a safe third country where they will be supported to rebuild their lives,” the spokesperson said.

The government’s forced deportation plan has come under fire from the United Nations, EU superor court and rights groups.

On Monday, a British government document showed that the first asylum-seekers to be deported from the UK to Rwanda would come from a group of 5,700 people that Kigali has agreed in principle to accept. More than 7,000 migrants have arrived in the UK so far this year, making it a record high for the first four months of a calendar year.

Rwanda — which has a population of 13 million people —claims to be one of the most stable nations on the African continent and has been praised for its modern infrastructure.

However, rights groups have accused President Paul Kagame of ruling in a climate of fear, stifling dissent and free speech.

Likewise in 1994 the country suffered a civil war, and what has been known as the ‘Rwandan genocide,” a period in which members of the Tutsi minority ethnic group, and some moderates Hutus and Twa were massacred by armed Hutu militias.

Source: MercoPress.
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