First-Class Air Passenger Told To Use Back Of Plane Bathroom–Alleges Racism.

Photo: Public domain. Chicago O'Hare airport, one of the busiest in the United States.
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An African-American woman who is a retired judge from Chicago has accused American Airlines of racial discrimination against her  after one of its flight attendants allegedly confronted her after she used the plane’s first-class lavatory, accused her of slamming the door, and told her to use the rear economy class toilet in future, according to reports on National Public Radio.

Pamela Hill-Veal, who is Black, mailed in a complaint to American Airlines said that while she and her family were flying first class on Feb. 10, from Chicago to Phoenix, Arizona, one of the flight attendants stopped her as she returned to her seat — and accused her of slamming the restroom door and waking up sleeping passengers.

A while later on the flight, Hill-Veal — a retired circuit court judge in Illinois — said in the complaint that she again used the same restroom in first class, and the same flight attendant stopped her once again.

The complaint does not make clear what was the ethnicity or sex of the flight attendant.

In a statement to National Public Radio, American Airlines said the company has been in contact with Hill-Veal to learn more about her experience. “We strive to ensure that every customer has a positive travel experience, and we take all claims of discrimination very seriously,” the airline said.

Hill-Veal says that while she did not witness anyother passengers in first class complain about the restroom door, more attention was drawn to her after her hostile interaction with the flight attendant.

She said she believes the incident was racially motivated, noting that other passengers, who were white, used the same first-class restroom without any problems and were not told to use the one in the back of the plane.

The flight attendant “was pointing his finger at me and said again, ‘I told you to stop slamming the door…,’ ” she said.

Hill-Veal says that about 30 minutes prior to landing, she used the restroom for a third time. Once she was leaving, the same flight attendant followed her to her seat and began to physically touch her and explain that she would be arrested upon the flight landing.

The flight time from Chicago to Phoenix is approximately thee hours and twenty minutes.

Hill-Veal says that since the incident, she hasn’t been able to properly sleep given the trauma she experienced and the incident has left her feeling humiliated.

“I’m still uncomfortable about flying because I don’t know what they’re going to say that I did … in an attempt to cover up for what they did during this particular time,” Hill-Veal said.

Hill-Veal is listed on LinkedIn as a ‘litigation consultant’.

Source: NPR.
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