First female golf club president looking to attract more juniors to the sport

Christine McEachrane, Royal St. Kitts Golf Club president
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Staff Writer

More women are entering fields that were once predominantly held by men and that is the case here in St. Kitts and Nevis when Christine McEachrane was recently named president of the Royal St. Kitts Golf Club.

McEachrane is looking to have more young girls pick up a golf club and join the sport which she noted can be played by anyone, young or old.

A very proud and ecstatic McEachrane told The Observer, that when she was approached to take up the president’s position about a year ago, it dawned on her that she was making history in the golfing arena in the Federation.

But her exploits do not stop there, she now wants to have more females participating in the sport of golf which McEachrane points out is lacking in the Federation.

…I would love to get more ladies coming out to play, especially juniors,” she said. “If we could get more junior girls coming out then we could bring them into the fold.”

The low number of female participation in the sport was highlighted at the recently held Johnny Walker St. Kitts Open Golf tournament, which saw only five females participating.

She opined that by developing the junior aspect of the sport it would transcend to the mature females and have more of them participation especially the working class.

“It is very difficult to get ladies to come out, especially if they are working women or stay at home moms with children it is really very difficult, but if we could get the junior girls to come out it would be fabulous because we really need a lot more women competition.”

Golf is often times seen as a “rich man sport” she said, but explained that even though the Royal St. Kitts Golf Club charges players who are over the age of 21, there are a number of people joining the club above that age.

This could be because of friends, for a social gathering or just for a leisure activity – but there are people on site that would be able to teach any person how to play the game, the scoring and other technicalities of the sport.

Additionally, over the years, the investment in the sport could be one of a short term basis because at the club individuals may be assisted by sponsors or club members with the necessary equipment needed to play.

McEachrane disclosed that in recent years, the club has seen sponsors assisting those players that they have seen with the potential to play the sport by donating a set of clubs.

Asked about her feeling towards being the first female president of the male centered sport, she said, “It is a very proud moment for me because it is one of those moments when you sit and think, well can I do it as the first female – then you say to yourself yes I can do it.”

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