Just over 1,000 new laptops would be distributed to Form 1 students of private and public secondary schools on St. Kitts in the latest edition of the One-to-One Laptop Program. Already 800 of the US sourced Dell 3340 laptops have been distributed jointly by the Minister of Education the Hon. Nigel Carty and Minister of Technology Hon. Glenn Phillip. According to the government’s information service, Minister Carty told the students that the right use of the laptops would enable them ‘to compete, standing toe-to-toe, with the young lads and lasses in India and the United States.”The minister told the Observer that the new laptops are sturdier, and indicated that those of the early phases of the program were not as robust as expected. “The students have also learned how to take better care of them, and in each round, we purchase better equipment.”He said that this phase of the project is being funded from Government’s “regular finances”. Technology Minister Phillip opined, “This is one of the most powerful tools that there is today, as it gives you access to information. It also gives you access to reaching out to persons not only in your schools but elsewhere. This laptop that we’re giving today will enable you to compete with any student across the world.”One leading technology magazine, PC Advisor, describes the Dell 3340 as “a built for school laptop that provides good value for money”. Each year, the Ministry of Technology evaluates what’s on the market and what laptops are suitable for One-to-One Laptop Program. Students can use the laptops to connect to the Education Network (EduNet) where they can share, receive and access information and resources. Minister Carty told students he considers the project to be an “investment in young people like yourselves and an investment in our country on a whole”.