First Online-Only Supermarket Opens In Santo Domingo.

Photo: Listin Diario. This supermarket is closed to customers.
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Santo Domingo was the first city founded in the New World by Christopher Columbus, and is the site of the first university, cathedral, castle, monastery, and fortress in the Caribbean.

It took another 500 years, but last week Pedidos Ya opened its its first online-only supermarket in Santo Domingo exclusively for orders through its online platform which already allows customers to order restaurant meals and have them delivered reports Listin Diario.

It is the first in the country, and the starting point of a business expansion of the company which plans on continuing the platform with a transformation in which Dominicans will be able order any type of product and have it delivered to their home in a matter of minutes with a novel service.

Under the name “Pedidos Ya Market” the service can be found  in the category “supermarkets” on the  Pedidos Ya Web site and users will be able to place their order at no minimum cost and with free shipping during the first few weeks post-launch.

Delivery time will be less than 30 minutes on average, as orders will be prepared by specialized personal shoppers and delivered by Pedidos Ya couriers.

The unique thing about this service, it is claimed, lies in a great user experience and  inventory control system.

Being an exclusive supermarket for orders through the app, the order processing time is optimized and the delay in payment is eliminated as customers to not have to line up to pay a cashier and have their items bagged.

The opening of the first Pedidos Ya supermarket in the Dominican Republic is a challenge fulfilled for the Pedidos Ya team, which is now entering a new vertical business.

“The Dominican Republic is a booming market with great potential. The Company sees it as a positive thing to make this launch in this special situation,as it strengthens us in the options to provide basic supermarket supplies efficiently [and safely],” said Iván Valdez, Director of Pedidos Ya New Business.

This new line of business is known as “Quick-commerce” and is said to be the wave of the future. Consumers are evolving and changing their habits, convenience and speed are now more important than ever; this is how the concept Q-Commerce arises, based on delivering products to users instantly, whenever and wherever.

Christopher Columbus would probably turn in his grave, which–according to Dominicans–is located not too far from the new supermarket.

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