Five Ladies And A Gentleman Celebrated In BVI For Not Out Centuries.

Photo montage supplied by Ministry for Health and Social Development.
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The BVI Territory’s centenarians were honoured honored for their long lives on National Centenarian Day last Friday.

Mrs. Enelle Smith and Mrs. Emogene A. Creque both 104 years old and Mr. Evelyn Hodge age 100 residing on Tortola; Mrs. Betty Yates age 101, Mrs. Floresa George and Mrs. Iris L. Harrigan both age 100 of Virgin Gorda were honored by the department as the Territory observed National Centenarian Day on Friday, September 22.

Chief Social Development Officer, Mrs. Annie Malone-Frett said the centenarians were celebrated with gifts carefully chosen to include a selection of their favorite items that reflected admiration and respect for their longevity and coping capacities.

Mrs. Malone-Frett, “This is but a small token intended to celebrate their collective resilience, wisdom and resourcefulness having experienced life joys and sorrows for a century and beyond.  As a Territory, we extend heartfelt gratitude for their unwavering faith and resolve to the socio-economic and political developments of the Territory through their differing roles.”

Minister for Health and Social Development Vincent Wheatley accompanied the team to the homes of the six honorees as part of the day’s activities.

Wheatley distributed gift baskets as well as shared well wishes and messages of love, hope and blessings.

“It was an honour and privilege to be in the presence of these centenarians, three of whom I know personally and who live on Virgin Gorda,” Wheatley said.

He added, “We cannot underestimate the importance of our elders.  They are shoulders on which we stand and for this, they deserve our love, admiration, respect, assistance and care.”

National Centenarian Day celebrates the remarkable lives and contributions of individuals who have lived for a hundred years or more.  It is also an opportunity for society to show its collective gratitude and respect for their wisdom, experience and cultural legacy.

Source: BVI Press Release.
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