Florida Governor Appoints Reopening Committee

Ron DeSantis
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis


As states like Texas and Georgia have reopened for business, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has appointed a task force committee to make recommendations about how to put Florida back to work.

The 22-member committee, which included state elected leaders, county mayors and business officials from Disney World and Universal, have until Friday, April 24, to make their recommendations as to which businesses can reopen soon and when.

Florida remains under a stay-at-home order until April 30. The Re-Open Florida Task Force executive committee is using this week to develop plans to reopen the economy while minimizing close contact at businesses.

The governor has also created an Industry Working Group task force to tackle tourism, construction, real estate, recreation, retail and transportation issues.

Last week, DeSantis controversially announced that state beaches and parks were allowed to reopen under strict social distancing guidelines. Beaches in Jacksonville were the first to reopen in the country since the COVID-19 pandemic.


“Florida Flattening The Curve” – DeSantis

In the meantime, Gov. DeSantis said that Florida has began to “flatten the curve” when compared to other countries and other states in America.

“We did not go the way of Italy, we did not go the way of New York City”, he said. “In fact, we’ve done much better”. As of April 22 (mid-day), Florida has 28,309 confirmed COVID-19 cases which include 893 deaths.

Health officials, including Dr. Raul Pino from the Florida Department of Health in Orange County, have said it’s possible that the region already could have seen its peak in cases and deaths, although the threat from the pandemic remains far from over.

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