Florida Restarts 2 Dose Monkeypox Vaccine Treatment

Doctor wearing latex gown and gloves holding a sign showing red monkey danger triangle and Monkeypox, on white background. Pandemic, virus, epidemic, Nigeria and smallpox.
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The Florida Department of Health is allowing two doses of the Jynneos monkeypox vaccine to be administered to residents again.

After cases doubled over the past week, state health officials began to ration the state’s supply of monkeypox vaccines — only allowing the first of a two-dose regimen to be given.

But days after the Food and Drug Administration approved a different method of administering the vaccine, Florida health officials told Changing America that it will start to re-administer second doses and reschedule previously canceled vaccination appointments made by residents.

  • “Preventing the spread of monkeypox is a priority for the Department of Health,” said health department spokesperson Jeremy Redfern.
  • “We will continue to make adjustments as more supplies are made available from the federal government.”

Following a rising number of monkeypox cases, Florida initially announced earlier this week that it will administer one dose of the two-dose regimen to ration its supply of the vaccine.

But on Tuesday, the Biden administration authorized a new federal monkeypox vaccine distribution plan to potentially vaccinate up to five times as many people.

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