Foreign Affairs Investigates Suspicious Issuance Of SKN Diplomatic Passports by LK Hewlett
The issuance of diplomatic passports to everyday citizens with no government posts is the subject of a Foreign Affairs Ministry investigation. This information came by way of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Mark Brantley, during an interview with The Observer. Dozens of these diplomatic travel documents, according to unofficial sources, have been issued to local businessmen and friends of the former government. Several of these passports appeared to have been issued to individuals in both St. Kitts and Nevis as recently as 2014. The list reportedly includes real estate developers and former officials in Nevis. “We are doing a top to bottom review of the privilege of holding a diplomatic passport of our country. I do not want to be premature but we are aware that some people who hold these passports have no apparent reason to do so. “This is a matter we are looking at. We are going through it very carefully, systematically and deliberately and we will take whatever action is necessary to protect the reputation of our diplomatic corps and to protect the reputation of St. Kitts and Nevis,” Brantley said. He said the review would encompass all diplomatic passports, including those issued to foreigners in various countries. “We are looking at it in a very holistic way, both locally and internationally, and I will have more information on that very shortly in terms of how many we are talking about.”