Foreign Minister Douglas Cultivates Strategic Networks including with Impact Investors at UN Climate Conference

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The Right Honourable Dr Denzil Douglas, Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade, Industry, Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Economic Development and Investment is currently engaged in targeted economic and commercial diplomacy in the Middle East.  The Foreign Minister views the hosting of COP28 in the Middle East and North African region as a key opportunity to consolidate strategic networks and cultivate impact investors who are keen to grow their green and blue investments in island states.  Island nations are on the front line of climate change and embody boundless opportunities for sustainable investments in areas such as renewable energy, including geothermal exploration.

The Honourable Foreign Minister is joining the Honourable Prime Minister Drew in pitching the Federation as a geostrategic partner of choice for investors in emerging markets across the Middle East to private sector leaders who are keen to diversify their portfolios and who view sustainability as a key commodity. The vision to transform Saint Kitts and Nevis into a sustainable island state is being presented as the Federation’s moonshot for a sustainable future.

Critically, the Foreign Minister is leveraging his presence in Dubai to build out his Ministerial portfolios particularly those targeting industry, investment and economic development.  According to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council represent one of the regions with the highest growth rate.

Further, both the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister were honoured guests at the inaugural Business and Philanthropy Climate Forum which brought together over 3000 high level industrialists, technologists and financiers at the invitation of Sultan al-Jaber, the President of COP28.

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