Rolston David

By Monique Washington

A former manager of the Four Season’s Resort, Nevis has been convicted and fined after stealing almost EC$8,000 from his former employer.

Rolston David faced Magistrate Yasmine Clarke on Tuesday (May 3) and admitted stealing money, but claimed it was to pay medical expenses for a family member.

Police Prosecutor Steven Hector told the court that in July 2015, David, who at the time was theFour Season’s front office manager, was responsible for US$3,000 in petty cash. The money was to make change and cash checks.

When the theft was discovered, hotel security asked David if they could check the cash. David gave excuses, such as, “He wasn’t feeling well,” and “He was busy at the time.”David handed over the cash to security after their third request, and when the cash was counted it was short by more than US$2,900. Upper management at the Four Season’s asked David what happened to the money, and he told them one of his family members had a medical emergency. The police were called and David was arrested and charged.

In court when asked if he had anything to say,he admitted his wrong-doing.

“Everything the police officer just said is the truth, I did it because of a medical emergency,” David explained. “But, I paid it all back. I didn’t finish paying when I told them I would, but I paid it all off by December and that’s all I have to say.”

Magistrate Clarke told David it does not matter if he paidback the money he had stolen or not “what you did is still a crime.”

Magistrate Clarke then convicted and fined David $3,000, to be paid in six months or face six months in Her Majesty’s Prison in St. Kitts.