Foster Care Training Takes Center Stage In The Southern Part Of St. Lucia

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Aligned with the Ministry of Equity’s commitment to enhancing the well-being of children in need of care, the Division of Human Services initiated its second annual crucial training session for Foster Carers in the southern portion of the island.

The training ensures people who provide foster care have the skill and knowledge to take care of the children.

The initiative underscored the Division’s dedication to ensuring every Foster Carer is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to address children’s unique needs and challenges in their care.

While the previous training in the first quarter of this year focused on implementing a structured registration process for Foster Carers, the November training emphasized ‘Informed Trauma Care.’

According to the Foster Care Family Case Worker attached to the Division of Human Services, Leah Goring, “Foster Carers gained valuable insights into trauma caused by abuse and its enduring effects on children throughout their childhood and adult lives.”

“This training is again to update Foster Carers with the needed care for children coming out of cases of abuse. For children facing abuse, the first thing that has to be addressed by Foster Carers should be the trauma and how children respond to it.”

The Division believes that providing foster caregivers with specialized training in a wide range of areas, including informed trauma care, can contribute significantly to the positive development of the children entrusted to them. The commitment to education and support reflects the Division’s dedication to improving the quality of care and outcomes for children in need.

To attain the status of Registered Foster Carers, participants must attend at least two training sessions annually. This strategic approach ensures a consistent and regular avenue for professional development and support, fostering a community of well-prepared and knowledgeable Foster Carers.

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