By Steve Thomas Observer Nevis Editor
(Charlestown, Nevis) – The Daniel Family Foundation of Cox Village recently presented a second group of nine students with financial assistance for their five-year tenure in secondary school. This presentation is part of the foundation’s ongoing effort to contribute to the development of Nevis, with an emphasis on education. In a speech at the presentation, the importance of education was emphasized by the Deputy Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Hensley Daniel. He is also a member of the foundation. “”The provision of the assistance for you to go to high school is important for you to take it and make as much use as possible and I am doing so because in our time in high school, these things were very, very scarce and having taught for many, many years, I recognize that these scholarships and these forms of assistance were absolutely necessary and they could have made a difference in the lives of so many other children had we had enough of these being available,” Minister Daniel said. Thursday Online Code for Issue # 722 is ADA “Having been a teacher and having seen the need for these, it was not difficult for me to agree with my other brothers and sisters, that we should make a contribution to the education of the children’the idea is that the assistance must be like pebbles in water, it must have ripples,” he said. “So I want to urge the students to continue on the mode of excellence. We may give you these scholarships and by hard work you may be able to win bigger ones and that is what we are hoping, that by sowing this small seed in first form, we would be able to win some others.” By the end of five years, he said, the foundation will have assisted a total of 45 students with their secondary education. He also urged the students to not take education for granted and it was important for them to understand that any job on Nevis required them to be highly educated. “I am part of a government which is also interested and keenly working on that because if we put up all the nice hotels and streets in the country and our people don’t have manners, respect, discipline, and education we have a problem, we still will have a problem. So I want to urge you to be good examples to the other students at the school and we [the foundation] will find ways and means of ensuring that you can get this assistance. Other members of the Daniel Family Foundation are Dr. Gilbert Daniel, Mr. Felix Daniel, Mr. Hastings Daniel, Mr. Theodore Daniel, Mrs. Lynette Daniel Cummings and Mrs. Gwendolyn Daniel Challenger. They are all children of the late Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Daniel of Cox Village. The organization was founded in August, 2007. (Information courtesy of the Nevis Government Information Service.)