By Monique Washington

The second-largest employer on Nevis, the Four-Seasons Resort has decided that although COVID-19 has caused a slowing down of its business it will not be laying off any staff.

The Four Seasons Resort had been opened for five months before the government chose to close its borders due to the threat of COVID-19.

The Resort was closed recently for three months for a US$40 million refurbishment and upgrade project.

General Manager of the Resort Yvette Thomas-Henry communicated to its staff this week that their employment status will remain the same but their working days will be cut.

“Your employment status will remain as in your most recent contract with the four seasons. That means your employment will continue to be governed by the EmPact agreement…..After presenting the financial impact that this pandemic has had in our Resort since March, our owners, Nevis Peak Holdings, has generously decided to pay 60% of salaries (3 days per week)  for all salaries as well as full and part-time hourly employees for June and July,” Thomas-Henry said.

The employees were advised that to be eligible for this payment full-time employees would be required to work three days per week, eight hours per day and part-time employees will also be required to work three days and for four hours per day. Hourly staff will be able to use pending accrued vacation days.

“The scope of work during this time of COVID19 will be different compared to your regular daily duties, for that reason we expect you to be flexible with the new duties you will be caring out,” the GM said.