By Loshaun Dixon

Basseterre, St. Kitts-Four of the top football coaches in St. Kitts and Nevis have been selected by the St. Kitts Nevis Football Association (SKNFA) and by extension CONCACAF to undergo a pilot Train the Trainer coaching course to become coaching instructors.

Jeffery ‘Pedro’ Hazel, Orren Hughes, Alastair Edwards and Kenny Douglas were the four chose to undertake the inaugural course that was administered by Technical Director of the SKNFA Lenny Lake.

Speaking at an opening ceremony for the course General Secretary of the SKNFA explained that three territories in CONCACAF have been identified for the pilot project with St. Kitts and Nevis being one.

He added that the SKNFA was proud and grateful to be the first to be delivering the project and was confident that the course will be delivered to the highest standards

“The participants at the end of the course will be among the best coaching instructor in the CONCACAF region.”

SKNFA President Antony Johnson indicated that all the participants earned the right to be part of the historic course due to their contribution to football.

“This is the very first course at this level organised and sanctioned by CONCACAF whereby our coaches in the Caribbean will be trained in order for them to be able to deliver the CONCACAF D license course

He then congratulated Lenny Lake who will administer the course.

“Mr Lake has earned a very good reputation throughout the CONCACAF region and dare I say further beyond. Whenever I have the opportunity to interact to colleagues throughout the region there is one person they often speak highly about at the level of coaching and technical education in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Johnson stated that the fact the Lake was chosen is significant because it is the first of its kind in the region.

“To be chosen as the very first person to deliver the course-the very first one- I believe speaks volumes of the kind of contribution and reputation Mr Lake has earned throughout the CONCACAF region.”

He also urged the participants to take the course very seriously

“This is not about being able to deliver a coaching license at the local level any more. This is about being able to deliver coaching education at the CONCACAF level.

He urged them to double their efforts not only to be successful in the course but also being able to deliver a course regionally and internationally as well.

General Secretary of the National Olympic Committee Glen Jeffers indicated that the NOC was pleased to be part of the occasion and pledged to continue to collaborate.

He added that on many occasions when the NOC or the SKNFA have organised coaching courses a overseas instructor have to come in and administer the course and also commended lake a=on his role in coaching development.

“He is very passionate about coaching development and it is fitting that CONCACAF selected him to be one of the instructors on the very first course.”

He also encouraged the SKNFA to conduct more courses at the local now there will be have more instructors.

Technical Director and Course Instructor Lenny Lake told the four trainees that they were chosen after a long look at their work and felt good when he recommended their names.

He added that it had been a journey to get this moment and added that it is against the odds reaching to this moment.

“There are instructors in the USA there are Instructors in Mexico. This course does not belongs to a country it belongs to the region. History will be told that when we gathered hundreds of instructors let it be told the first set came for St. Kitts and Nevis.”

He stated that coming for the Caribbean the instructors will have to be focus and remain professional

“When you have a strange look to the other instructors you know that your efforts, professionalism would have to be doubled.”

He warned them that during their journeys they will meet some challenges and dealing with varying scenarios.

“You have shown over the years you have that temperament and I know that you will be wonderful instructors.”

Hazel also giving remarks indicated that he was happy to be a part of the first ever train the trainers programme and thanked the SKNFA for giving them the opportunity to expose themselves in the coaching arena.

“We look forward in the next couple of days to raise the flag of St.  Kitts and Nevis as we become very successful in what we are about to do.”

Hughes reflected on his football coaching journey that started in 2005 and indicated that it has come with many challenges and success and pledged that he would continue to blaze the light

He stated it was a pleasure and promised to do his best and thanked lake and the SKNFA for their selection.

Edwards reassured Lake of his commitment to the course and stated that his dream was always to be a teacher of coaches

“Being a coach’s instructor is my dream job. Not so much the coaching but coaching people to coach others.”

Douglas commended the SKNFA for creating the platform for them to launch their careers and also hailed lake for his role in his personal coaching career.

Douglas like the also made known of his commitment to undergo a successful training programme.

“At the end of it all we are going to be the best instructors CONCACAF ever had.”

Upon completion of the programme each participant would be certified to deliver a D License coaching course in the entire CONCACAF region.