By Kenneth Williams

Nevis came alive Friday when the sounds of When Push Comes To Shove and Walls of Jericho filled the air of Charlestown.

The occasion was a Freedom Concert sponsored by Mark Brantley and the opposition Concerned Citizens Movement.

Internationally acclaimed superstars Freddie McGregor and Tanya Stevens brought the house down.

An estimated four thousand persons attended the function which was staged at what is called The Villa, just outside the Charlestown Secondary School.

Mark Brantley during the by-election campaign to fill the seat left vacant by the untimely passing of Malcolm Guishard, promised supporters “Elect me and I will give you the love doctor”. Meaning if he was elected or won the seat he would pay for a free concert by Beres Hammond.

Weeks after Brantley’s win he announced on his show ‘On the Mark’ that negotiations between himself and Beres Hammond did not go so well and that he intended to keep his promise and bring another artist.

Friday’s program showed no sign of the crowd missing Beres. Hundreds traveled from St. Kitts to attend the function and Charlestown police conferred that there were no incidents of violence.

An executive of the Concerned Citizens Movement and a person involved with the organization of the show, Dr Alexis Jeffers, told The Observer, “We were a little concerned about the weather. It rained in Gingerland and St. James but only a sprinkling in town. God is with this movement,” he said.

Mark Brantley joined Stevens and McGregor on stage for a remix of one love, one heart lets get together and feel all right. As they sing give thanks and praise to the Lord and … feel alright, the crowned went crazy. Mark could sing too a group of three girls said to each other as they rock to the sounds.

Speaking to the Observer, McGregor said love Nevis, “the people of Nevis are so nice and friendly, me feel home here man, feel safe. Everybody enjoy themselves and we got to mingle with a lot of people”. He said

He said he visited Nevis before and had a chance to enjoy Nevis, even picking gennip from a tree.

Freddie McGregor has been performing for 40 years. He produced his hit album when he was seven (7) years old in 1963 and has since produced 38 albums. He has received hundreds of honors and citing including one from the Governor of New York. But hr had told The Observer that the  one he enjoyed most is one from the Governor and people of Jamaica his country “you know often other recognize you but not your own but my own recognize me an I feel good. “I realise from a very young age that this was my calling. Music choose me and I followed my calling,” McGregor said.