From De Corner – What do you think about cricket in St. Kitts?

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By Vernlyn Zakers

The One Day International, West Indies versus India, takes place Tuesday at Warner Park. Here is what a number of high school students had to say about cricket.

Taju Clarke, 2A1 — I think that World Cup Cricket is something good for the country. I play cricket as a sport and I am hoping to make it on the West Indies team some day. I think that the cricket matches will help the economy because people who come to watch cricket will have to purchase goods and even pay for services. The World Cup Cricket will also help the country to become more of a popular tourist attraction.

Zeia Warner, 3A1 — Cricket is a very interesting sport. I think that it will increase the popularity of the country, which will help to make it a well-known tourist destination. The matches will also help to bring a lot of visitors, so basically the Federation and the Tourism Industry will benefit from cricket being played here. The country will make more foreign money.

Taslyn Belboda, 3A3 — Bringing that kind of cricket to St. Kitts is a good idea because it places St. Kitts on the map. It will give people from the Federation who play cricket a chance to be seen by the big shots of the West Indies Team. I think it will benefit the Tourism Industry because more tourists will come to the country.

Melissa Saunders, 2A1 — I think cricket of a high class standard will profit the country greatly. Cricket is one of the most popular game around the world and where ever it is played the game tends to draw a lot of people.

Kevron Mulley, 3A4 — World Cup Cricket will benefit St. Kitts in many ways. It will give the people of the Federation the opportunity to watch cricket in their own backyard. It will help to increase the amount of foreign dollaers in the country.

Tishell Thompson, 3A2 —I think that it is a wonderful idea for cricket to be played here. I think some person will get a better understanding about the game. It will help the country to become a major tourist destination, and more tourists will visit the country.

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