By Monique Washington

The Observer took to the “corners” this past week and gave random citizens a choice to answer two different questions;

“If the NIA elections are to be called tomorrow, which party is prepared win?” and

“What changes if any would you like to see for Culturama 43?”



NRP. They do better for the country than what CCM is doing. CCM isn’t doing anything. Look how hard the place be. Mark Brantley said how long he has investors on the shoreline. It looks like a Tsunami came and took them.

“First time voter”

I think NRP will win the elections.   Because they promise young people they would legalize marijuana.


From my personal observation, it would be CCM. CCM happens to be the people’s favorite. Seems like it’s all about favoritism. In Nevis St. Kitts it’s all about who the people like instead of what the are doing for the people , really.



I think CCM will win again. I mean look at the work they have done. They continue to work hard for the people of Nevis

New voter”

Culturama needs to last a little bit longer. I want to see more activities, I want to see it a little bit more liveliness too. I want to see more pageants, more jamming so people can come out and enjoy themselves. We need to bring back Miss Big and Beautiful. Put in that and take out Mr. Kool


I want to see Culturma come back to what it used to be in the past. More of the things like giant de spears those kind of stuff. Giant the spare is when an old man who used to have like a steel on his shoulder and he use to swing it around and people would bend down and prevent it from hitting them. Jerry Ward wasone who use to do it, but he passed away. It was mostly done during the Christmas time, but because of the fact that we don’t celebrate Christmas in Nevis no more like how it use to be I would think it could be introduced into Culturama.


Please, for the opening night have something gospel. Welcome something gospel to the Culturama even though I am against Culturama .Bring God into Culturama let the young people understand there is a God.


I have an issue with the Jouvert and the Herbert’s beach affair. I think the Herbert’s beach affair should be on a separate day. Not to cut off the Jouvert to go all the way over there for Herbert’s beach. At the end of the day the vendors who prepare for Jouvert end up in a spot where as they end up  prepare the stuff thinking  Jouvert will last all day but by the time 10:30 11 everybody gone Herbert’s beach and left the vendors in a spot. The vendors play a very important role at the same time. Both events are very good. But they should be on separate days