With the Government in the last week celebrating their two year anniversary as well as the revamping of the PEP programme and changing it to STEP the Observer took to the streets of Basseterre to get the public view on those issues.

The Questions were: 

  1. What are your thoughts on the revamping of the PEP Programme to STEP 
  1. What are your thoughts on the two years old Team Unity Administration 

Reporter    – 1.   the programmes seems to have good intentions but by concerns are how will it impact the other vocational programmes that the government has already embarked upon such as the AVEC and the TECVOC Programme at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College.

  1.  In terms of the Government’s Performance during the past two years I was under the impression that they would have already accomplish more by this time but it is still less than half way into the their term so they maybe could do much more to help the ordinary man. Also they are too difficult to contact and when they were in opposition they were available all the time.

Elvis-  1.   The PEP programme had too many flaws with people not showing up to work and looking to get paid. But I hope the STEP are stricter on the people involved and really help to develop the youth of this country.

  1. The government for me in the last two years have been doing a satisfactory job. They made a lot of promises with regards to crime and I wold like to see them do better in that area. I hope they could do something with the youths to keep them busy so that they don’t have the time to do no crime.

Construction Worker-STEP to me is same thing as the PEP it was made up just to fool people they saying all kind of good things about it now but in the end what I seeing is that it will come just like PEP with people doing what they want and getting the money still.

I don’t really talk politics but I ain feel nothing different from what the former government was doing. to me it all the same all politicians are the same we aint gone get anything different from any of them.

Taxi Operator-The STEP is a brilliant idea to offer training to people of the country who may be out of a job but I worried that they may be flooding the market with too much of one profession and that might cause another problems on its own. Too much are getting involved in the landscaping field I would wih that more could find another skill that is more marketable.

In terms of the Government their life is still pretty young and I am patient with them for now to see how they will deliver before the next election but for now it is just wait and see.

Accountant- the step sounds like what the PEP was supposed to be and I hope that it really does what it says it will do and does not fall in the same category as the PEP. We already had YES failing and the PEP lets hope its third times the charm.

As it relates to the Government I hope they do all what they promised to the people because they were given a trust to push us forward and I hope that is what they do.