There are two opportunities afforded to the voting public to ensure the cleansing of the voters list. One of them occurs in February following the publication of the Annual Register of Voters, and the other happens each and every month with the publication of the monthly lists of persons who applied for your permission to be registered.  Sadly, the latter is oft ignored.

There is yet another route for cleansing of the Voters list, and this is set out at Section 29 of the National Assembly Elections Act Cap 2.01 (Regulation 29) which is reproduced below in its entirety.

Deletion of Names from the List of Voters.

(1)       Where the Chief Registration Officer (i.e. the Supervisor of Elections) has reasonable cause to believe that there appears in the list of voters the name of any person who is not qualified for inclusion in such list or that any insertion in respect of a person who is not entitled to be included in such list has been made, he or she shall hold a special revision to investigate such case.

(2)       The Chief Registration Officer shall give at least five days notice in writing to such person of the time and place at which such revision will take place and at such time and place consider the eligibility of such person to be included in the list of voters.

(3)       If the Chief Registration Officer decides that the name of such person should not be included in the list of voters, he or she shall delete the name therefrom and initial the deletion.

(4)       The Chief Registration Officer shall publish a list of the names of persons deleted as aforesaid at the time of the publication of the next Monthly List for the polling division.

(5)       If a Writ of Election has been issued, the Chief Registration Officer shall also notify the Registration Officer and the persons whom he or she believes to be likely to be nominated or who have actually been nominated and the presiding officer for the polling division concerned.

(6)       No special revision under this Regulation shall be held later than the nominated day for any poll.

Subsection 6 answers a question that is often asked: Can an objection be made based on the list published in preparation for an election?

Again we wish to appeal to all to peruse the lists and ensure that your name is in the right place to vote.  Remember, one man, one vote in the right place, and fairness to all, is our ultimate goal.