Anyone who is a citizen of the Federation 18 years or older and is ordinarily resident in the Federation is entitled to register as a voter.  Overseas nationals and citizens who had been ordinarily resident before emigrating; and persons whose parent or parents were, but for migration or death, ordinarily resident in the Federationalso are eligible for registration, but the maternal line must first be followed to determine the appropriate constituency.  Only if there is a residential home (not house) can there any variation in the placement beconsidered.

Commonwealth citizens, 18 years and older who have been ordinarily resident in the Federation for a continuous period of at least 12 months before the registration date earns a right to register to vote.

What does ordinary residency mean?   The law describes this as the place in which that person has always been or which he has adopted as the place of his/her habitation or home whereto, when away from there he or she intends to return.

Domicile on the other hand is held to mean having a right of lawful permanent residence. So a person can maintain domicile in a country even when he is not physically present.

There are instances when a person, even though he/she is 18 years or older, is a national or citizen, or commonwealth citizen will not be eligible to register to vote.  These are persons who are certified to be insane or of unsound mind, who are under a sentence of death here or in any part of the commonwealth, or under sentence of imprisonment exceeding 12 months and who have not served their time or received a pardon. There is a third disqualification that comes about via any other law that specifically prohibits registration.

Having met the qualifying conditions outlined, each applicant is required to appear in person at our offices, to complete the relevant form and to present his birth or baptismal certificate or both, Certificate of citizenship (where applicable, whether by descent, marriage or naturalisation), Deed poll (where applicable), Passport (especially for Commonwealth citizens) or a driver’s licence, any other form of identification containing a photograph and A qualifying address (as certified by a utility bill, school report, postal evidence, IRD property tax receipt,  etc).

We have the right to demand any other evidence to authenticate the identity of the applicant and their rights to that constituency.   We also are required to certify the immigration status of Commonwealth citizens as only permitted entrants can apply.

We have the right of refusal to register an applicant, but if that is done, the applicant must be advised in writing and given reason; and has a right to challenge within seven working days.

Each applicant, upon application, will be assigned to only one constituency and one polling division within that constituency.  The name will be published for all to see and will be subject to objections before that person becomes activated.