I’ve decided to pick my pen up again after resting it down for a few months. Ironically, it took the “full confidence” slogan to get me up and writing this time. Apart from all jokes, I listened to a live radio broadcast on Wednesday night, November 19, and left the comfort of my home, traveled to Brown Hill when the meeting was close to the end, in order to observe the treachery on hand. It was interesting, hilarious and confusing. For those of us who knew Brown Hill years ago, what transpired on that night could not have ended in the way that it did. A true Brown-Hillian booed in that fashion by anyone in that village, especially by folks who do not reside in Brown Hill. The end result and headlines would have been different. What actually transpired? Dr. Denzil Douglas chose to have a meeting in Brown Hill. Everyone knows Dr. Douglas is the leader of the Labour Party, the party in government that is presently holding our country under siege. He is also currently disrespecting the constitution of St. Kitts and Nevis by refusing to debate the Motion of No Confidence filed against him and his Labour Party government on December 11, 2012. Dr. Douglas is therefore ruling the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis as in illegitimate Prime Minister. The constitution in our democratic state leaves the understanding that the person who commands the majority of elected members of parliament, be the Prime Minister of the federation. Dr. Douglas does not command the majority of elected members and by that virtue is not the legitimate Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis. All the spinning, noise and kataflam cannot change that fact. Choosing to hold a public meeting disguised as a “conversation” with the people of Brown Hill is viewed by some Nevisians as a most desperate move. It must be stated that no other St. Kitts politician or Prime Minister has ever before done such a thing. It appeared to be a taunting and sinister move at best. Nevertheless, it took place and the people of Brown Hill remained calm. What also seemed rather interesting is the fact that in excess of 100 followers of Dr. Douglas traveled to Brown Hill for a “conversation” with the people of Brown Hill. Busloads of people from St. Kitts outnumbered the people attending from Nevis, at the Brown Hill tennis court. It was mind boggling. Dr. Douglas spoke along with members of his entourage including Commissioner C G Walwyn. Actually, the conversation was about everything other than what the people of Brown Hill expected. The microphone was eventually passed around after the call for questions from the audience was made. What transpired next was the type of thing Brown Hill residents never allowed. Their own villager, Lisa Browne took the microphone and proceeded to welcome Dr. Douglas and his team. Her question was pointed and relevant. Lisa Browne stood and asked a simple question. She stated that if the PM was serious about progress in Nevis, why is it that the legally elected representative of Brown Hill and Minister of the ruling Nevis Island government was excluded from the forum. Why wasn’t any member of the legally elected government at the head table? Yes! No one from the lawfully elected Government of the people of Nevis was invited to be a part of the discussion. Visitors to Brown Hill, who were obviously followers of Dr. Douglas, responded like a mob of angry villains. They booed Lisa and continued to disturb and disrespect. Dr. Douglas then snubbed and dismissed the question in his usual disrespectful manner, not providing an answer or even attempting to answer the question. His disregard and disrespect to the issue at hand was pathetic. One knows Dr. Douglas is under tremendous pressure which keeps mounting daily. The debacle at the Basseterre High School is hurting. The crime rate in our federation is out of control. The overall fear and dissatisfaction of residents is evident. Dr. Douglas must have known by then that Canada had dealt the federation a severe blow by withdrawing visa-free status for holders of St. Kitts and Nevis passports. Holders of St. Kitts and Nevis passports traveling to that country must now obtain a visa to travel. For more than three decades that requirement was not in effect. St. Kitts and Nevis have hit the lowest ebb possible. Nothing seems favorable for the incumbent going into the next election that is due within the next 3 months. The Motion of No Confidence filed on December 11, 2012 and all court cases surrounding that constitutional matter must be taking its toll personally. Too many ills have been realized under the watch of Dr. Denzil Douglas, especially from since he has refused to hear the MONC for 711 days. Did Dr. Douglas expect the residents of Brown Hill to react as they were reputed in the past? Was he expecting an opportunity to unleash armed forces? I must hereby thank the Brown Hill residents for keeping their cool and not playing into the hands of desperation. Night is certainly coming to an end and daylight is only moments away. On top of all this Dr. Denzil Douglas states he has “full confidence”. I’m now reminded of Balaam of bible fame. Full Confidence My Grass.