GAE Receive Positive News on Pensions

GAE Receive Positive News on Pensions
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By Loshaun Dixon

In the next two weeks, Government Auxiliary Employees (GAE) will be eligible for pensions dating back to May 2012, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dr Timothy Harris has announced.

Dr Harris last Friday disclosed that the Cabinet met last week, and determined that all the establishment workers shall become pensionable effective May 15, 2012.

“Thousands of workers will have a better day thanks to the Harris-led administration.

If you went home without your pension, Dr Harris will make it right for you. If you went home without your gratuity, Dr Harris will make it right for you.”

He said on Wednesday that the Cabinet gave the Chief Personnel Officer and the Head of the Treasury two weeks to get the applications ready.

“So all those who were in that state of limbo – 30 and 40 years of service and you have gone home without – Harris again will ensure delivery.”

Dr Harris reiterated that thousands of people would now receive a financial benefit from the move.

He also announced a new initiative that will benefit young students in the federation who would want to pursue a higher level of education. That initiative, he posited, would come into effect if his People’s Labour Party is successful at the August 5th poll.

“None of our children shall be left behind in our next term. We shall come up with a programme. For every child that is born, the government would put thousands of dollars in a fund that will accumulate interest.”

Dr Harris said that the fund would then be available for students to help them with the cost of attaining tertiary education.

“So when that child becomes 18, 19 or 20 and they want to go off to university, you don’t have to put up your house anymore. We are the party thinking of the future… learning from the present, but looking to the future.”

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