Garbage collectors on the job.

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts — Garbage collectors in St. Kitts and Nevis are unsung heroes who deserve much more credit than they get, according to Solid Waste Corporation (SWMC) General Manager, Keithley Phillip.

Everyone should respect for the garbage loaders, they take pride in a job that many would not want to do, Phillip noted.

Phillip described an incident where an older woman refused to let the garbage collector help her and she complained about his smell. Phillip said no one should be treated like that, especially when they go above and beyond their duty to do their work.

“These individuals are seen as only garbage collectors but they are much more,” Phillip explained. “They are in fact an integral part of the country.

“If the collectors did not do their work, tourism would be negatively affected. Tourists expect to visit a clean island. Collectors do an excellent job in securing the tourism product.

“We can build two or three new piers, but if the place is dirty no one will visit, no cruise ship will come regardless of how many piers we build,” Phillip said. “People should respect an individual’s employment choice.

“You would not want anyone to come on your job and disrespect your job, so we are asking persons to help the guys make their jobs simpler,” he said, “noting that people should ensure that their garbage is placed outside their gates in plastic bins.”

Sanitation workers are honoured each year by Pastor Lincoln Hazell’s Apostolic Church on St. Johnston’s Avenue in Basseterre. On Sept. 9, the church held the 16th Annual Sanitation Workers Appreciation Day.