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Big burly smiling Malcolm Guishard is no more. He now belongs to the ages.

Nevis’ own Federal Parliamentarian had gone for his usual early morning swim at Gallows Bay when he complained of a shortness of breath.

Friends came to his aid and wasted no time in getting him to Alexandra Hospital, but it was to no avail. The political leader and friend of many islanders was pronounced dead a short time after he arrived.

Malcolm Guishard’s passing had a rippling effect across Nevis and St. Kitts, with supporters, political foes and even strangers expressing their sorrow at the demise of a powerful Caribbean man who was in the prime of his life.

One message of condolence came from the Hon. Joseph Parry, who was in New York attending Caribbean Week. In a live radio broadcast, the Premier of Nevis offered his spiritual and emotional support to Guishard’s wife, Yvonne, along with Guishard’s parents and children.

‘Among the special qualities Mr. Guishard possessed was his warm personality and his love for people that touched the lives of many at home and abroad,’ said the Premier. ‘At the time of his passing, Mr. Guishard was the federal representative of the electoral district of Nevis No. 3 comprising the parishes of St. Pauls and St. Johns. He served the people of Nevis from 1992 to 2006 as Minister of Communications, Tourism, Agriculture, Housing, Culture and Information. ‘I urge all of us to remember that those who live in the hearts of others never die.’ Deputy Prime Minister the Hon. Sam Condor said somberly that there could be ‘no greater tribute to Malcolm Guishard, a Kittitian and Nevisian patriot, than to ensure St. Kitts and Nevis adopted a number of his strong views, ideas and suggestions with regard to the way forward for Constitutional and Electoral Reform.’Condor added that he had told the family the federal government wanted to lend any support needed at this difficult time. ‘I spoke to the family about a state funeral, but as you are aware, a funeral is a personal decision,’ said Condor. ‘We are waiting to hear from the family what they would like and all arrangements will be according to their wishes.’Parry, speaking from New York, said, ‘On behalf of my wife and family, the Cabinet of the Nevis Island Administration and the people of Nevis, I extend sincere condolences to Mrs. Guishard, her children and the parents and siblings. I pray God will grant them the strength to stay strong in this hour of their bereavement. ‘May God bless us all.’ Guishard was leader of the opposition in the Federal Parliament. He also served a former Deputy Premier of Nevis. Known for his smile and friendly attitude, Guishard was first elected to the Nevis Island Assembly in 1992 and moved on to become Deputy Premier in the Nevis Island Administration. He served from 1992-2006 as Deputy Premier under former Premier Vance Amory, according to Prime Minister of the Federation Dr. Denzil Douglas, who offered his condolences to the Guishard family and the people of Nevis. ‘We all deeply regret his untimely passing,’ said the prime minister. After learning of Guishard’s death, Condor met with members of the Nevis Island Administration Cabinet which was in session. As this article was being written, the federal government and federal parliament met with the Nevis Island Assembly and the government on ny arrangements to be made during the time of mourning and the burial ceremonies. The Cabinet also deliberated on the Constitutional implications and the responsibilities of the Prime Minister in determining what Constitutional procedures to follow over the next 90 days in filling the vacancy within the federal parliament.

The discussion toouched on the appointment of a new leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in the National Assembly or federal parliament. While a subsequent appointment must be made with respect to an Opposition Senator, the current Senator sits. While the cause of death has not been determined, the Observor will report the complete findings in our next issue.

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