Prime Minister Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris

By Loshaun Dixon

Basseterre, St. Kitts- The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis is giving assurances to the areas where no constituency representative is a part of the Cabinet indicating that they won’t be left in the cold

At a recent government town hall, concern was raised by a resident of Constituency Six that citizens need someone in government to hear their concerns.

In response Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris said mechanisms are in place to deal when such a situation arises.

“Those candidates who did not succeed continue to be available and should continue. If they are serious you have to be seeing them,” he said.

Mr. Harris said government is paying attention to situations like this and officials have ensured that in every constituency there was the presence of the government when there was a one on one consultation.

“You would recall that in Constituency Six we had Vernon Connor the last candidate for Team Unity being available and we had Senator Wendy Phipps, so you had the full face of the government at the most senior level.,” he stated.

He said others who have been assigned to different non-government represent constituencies around the island.

“In central Basseterre, we said that you have the last candidate Ambassador Jonel Powell but additionally we have put in place the Office of the Attorney General who is from that area and knows that area but we have put him there to be able to interact with the people,” Dr. Harris said.

“In a similar manner, we have said Vernon Connor and Wendy Phipps would also be available to serve you. In West Basseterre, the Cabinet endorsed Ambassador Sydney Osborne and Senator Akilah Byron to be available.

He added that the individuals appointed are the face of the government and said, “They are your connection to the government and therefore feel free if you have issues in West Basseterre for example, to speak to Ambassador Osborne he lives in the area and he has significant contacts and influence in the government.

“We have a Senator in West Basseterre in Akilah Byron Nisbett and being a Senator she has important links to the Government system and therefore she is available. The former candidate for the area Ambassador Condor is also will be available.”

He said the government and its services are available to all of the people of St. Kitts and Nevis those with elected representatives in government those without.

He challenged the public to test the system they have in place, saying, “We have named all these people so if when you go to Ambassador Osborne he say he can’t help you and he tell you that too often then you come and tell me and maybe then we will have to get somebody else instead…to do the work.”

He further indicated that all of the senior government officials are in service to the people of St. Kitts and Nevis.

“Really all of us are available to you. Eugene Hamilton is available to you even if you are in Saddlers, Patches Liburd is available to you if you are in St. Paul’s because it is a team effort and some of the matters maybe peculiar to some of these Ministries so access the system,” he declared.