Governor General Refuses To Swear In Dr. Harris As PM LK Hewlett Story Updated: February 18th 2015 at 9:49 am Governor General Sir Edmund Lawrence
Governor General Sir Edmund Lawrence has refused to swear in Prime Minister-elect Dr. Timothy Harris this morning (Feb 18). Dr. Harris led his united opposition team to victory in Monday’s controversial general elections, defeating the 20-year ruling St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party 7 seats to 3. The Nevis Reformation Party won 1 seat. The official election results were not announced until Tuesday afternoon, although based on preliminary counts, Team Unity started celebrating a win from Tuesday morning. Ousted PM Dr. Denzil Douglas conceded defeat moments after the official results were announced. The Observer confirmed that Dr. Harris, leader of the united opposition and his own People’s Labour Party, had contacted the Governor General to have a swearing in ceremony this morning at 10am. Sir Edmund said he could not swear in the Prime Minister-elect until he had a hard copy of the election results from the Supervisor of Elections. Members of the Opposition are now trying to secure a copy of the document in order that Dr. Harris can be sworn in later today.