Bus Stop

By loshaun dixon

Basseterre, St. Kitts-The community of Belle Vue that is home to one of the Federations most iconic historical sites have received the gift of a bus stop thanks to 28 students of a leadership course at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College.

Speaking at the unveiling of the bus stop that is located close to the black rocks location Tourism Minister Lindsay Grant noted that though a bus stop may seem small it is rather significant.

“It is significant because it has brought together 28 young people from the CFBC who are in the second level of the Leadership Course, which is organised by the CFBC which has had its roots from Peter Jenkins.”

Grant had high commendations for Jenkins who is the lecturer of the course and hailed all who had a hand in the gesture.

“I think very often that we blame and cast aspersions on the young people because of what we have happening in the society today. And so, for me, it is a very important gesture by Peter Jenkins to ensure that not only that this bus stop comes to fruition, but that he has a hand in the overall development of young people in St. Kitts and Nevis.”

The Tourism Minister also highlighted the importance of the bus stop to tourism development which he explained helps in the decentralising of the industry from Basseterre and compliment the work being done at blackrocks.

“This is very important for us at the Ministry of Tourism because, towards the seaside, we are spending in excess of I believe half a million dollars over the next several months to make sure that facilities at the Black Rocks area get a welcome refurbishment and a welcome uplift.

He further stated that people in the rural areas must feel the effect of tourism.

“The vendors who operate at Blackrock area we need to ensure there really is continued economic activity so that the vendors get an opportunity to feel the effect of tourism.”

Grant also challenge th students of the course to ensure that they spread the word throughout St. Kitts and Nevis that something is happening at Blackrocks

“This is an iconic area in tourism and we need to make sure that we not only maintain but it is sustainable.”

Grant added that it is not just a bus stop but the young people had the vision and stuck to what they wanted to achieve .

He hailed the bus stop as ‘very beautiful’ and considers it to be the best bus stop in St. Kitts and Nevis.