Garbage collectors will not pick up green waste.

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts –- Green waste cannot be picked up and comingled with combustible materials such as aerosol because fires can result, so it will not be picked up by Solid Waste Management Corporation’s (SWMC’s) trucks, according to General Manager Keithley Phillip.

Green waste is biodegradable waste that can be composed of garden or park waste. It includes things like grass clippings, shrub and yard clippings, branches, woodchips, bark, wood, palm trees, branches and weeds.

“With green waste, the problem is that when comingled with other waste at the landfill it can cause a problem,” Phillip explained. “Heat is generated easily from the waste. Methane is one of the gases that escape from the landfill and the heat may cause the grass to combust. When that happens, there is a major fire at the landfill. Could you image a small country like St. Kitts if we had a large landfill fire with all the escaped gas?”

Phillip said SWMC is enforcing this policy to keep the country safe.

“We are trying to tell people it’s not that we are trying to be hard and fast,” Phillip explained. There are certain things that should not be put in waste and things that can’t, such as green waste.”

Phillip said green waste should be taken directly to the landfill. There, the waste will be weighed and people will be billed accordingly.

The green waste is stored at a different part of the landfill.