Grenada Gives Thanks to Sandals Foundation for Coral Restoration

Fish swim among coral reefs Teo/File Photo Reuters
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The Sandals Foundation has collaborated with the Grenada Coral Reef Foundation to help restore coral in the island.

At Sandals, it is believed that tomorrow is influenced by what we do today, so it is important that we cultivate a local culture that is conscious of our collective and individual impact on the world.

The Sandals Foundation is providing artificial reef equipment and supplies while also training community members in coral gardening and restoration.

With roughly half of the island’s population living within the coastal zone and relying heavily on its marine and coastal environment, the marine and coastal resources, coral reef, seagrass beds, wetlands, beaches, and fisheries, serve as an essential economic engine supporting jobs, income, and overall economic prosperity.

“Preserving the environment is what I enjoy most in this world and the Sandals Foundation has taught me that the sky is the limit. This is our future,” said Jerlene Layne, Sandals Foundation Fishing & Game Warden.

Due to anthropogenic stressors, primarily pollution, overharvesting of resources, and coastal development, Grenada’s coastal and marine ecosystems have been degraded, and the reefs are more vulnerable to chronic stresses and the future effects of climate change. It also puts coastal communities at risk because coral reefs provide ecosystem services such as coastal protection, livelihood, and food security.

BIOROCK structures and coral trees are being installed as part of the community-led coral restoration project, as well as biweekly in-water coral gardening and PADI SCUBA diving sessions for people in the parish of St. Mark’s. BIOROCK structures have proven to be extremely effective in restoring reefs around the world, and the project aims to assist Grenada in strengthening its vulnerable reefs in order to protect the lives and livelihoods of communities that rely on the health of the marine environment.

School and community awareness activities will also be carried out to support the overall health of the region’s marine resources.

From the deep seas to lush forests to exotic wildlife, the unique surroundings of our environment sustain, protect, and inspire. At Sandals Foundation, the focus is to educate communities, including fishermen, young students, and even Sandals Resorts employees about effective conservation practices, and establish sanctuaries that will benefit generations to come. Now that is something to be thankful for.

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