Sandra Flemming, Guidance Counselor at St. Thomas’ Primary School, isn’t just interested in educating students. She wants to take aim at destructive forces in the island community and make Nevis better for everyone. That is why Flemming and other educators are promoting a month long Anti-Gun Campaign. She told The Observer her object is to make the community more aware of the problems associated with guns. In 2012, Flemming took an activist role in a campaign against illegal drugs and smoking. The students went through the community handing out pamphlets. They also mounted loudspeakers on trucks and played songs like ‘Smoke Is No Joke’ and ‘Don’t Sell Daddy Any More Whiskey.’ The educator noted that many students have adopted these practices and are aware they should not be using illegal drugs. Asked about a collaboration between Operation Future and the school programs, she said, ‘We have already had Dan McMullan, the founder of Operation Future, here. He has held interactive sessions with the students that they enjoyed. Mr. McMullan is welcome to speak at the school at any time.’ She is looking forward to launching next year’s campaign which will target ‘Gangs and Gang Violence.’ Fleming is proud the program’s focus on social ills affecting Nevis. ‘I have seen the impact my programs have made on students both past and present,’ she added. ‘I love it when students come to me and talk about how the programs have made a positive impact on them.’ St. Thomas Primary has adopted the Eddie Eagle Safety Campaign where students are taught what steps to take if they encounter a gun. Young people are taught to stop, don’t touch, leave the area and tell an adult what they witnessed. Flemming said students are aware of what is happening in their community. She said she accepts the responsibility to guide them and give them fullknowledge of how to react when faced with dangerous situations and choices