Guinness Domino Club stuns defending champions in Constituency #7 Domino League 

Taking the fight to enemy territory: Patricia Westcott-Johnson of Guinness in action at Back Way Bar in Parsons Ground when her team met and beat Parsons Domino Club.
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The round-robin, home-and-away stage of the 24th edition of the annual Constituency Number Seven Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris Domino League competition concluded dramatically on Tuesday with the two frontrunners suffering defeats at home.

Defending champions Parsons Domino Club, which has been leading in points in this year’s edition, got stunned by Guinness Domino Club 14-6 in their encounter at Back Way Bar in Parsons Ground.

Despite the loss, the Parsons team holds top position as the league enters the final-four and best-of-the-rest stages.

The win by Guinness was sweet revenge for a 13-6 beating when the two teams met in the first round at the Lodge Community Centre in Lodge Project Aug. 13.

Parsons, which was the first team from outside Constituency Number Seven to win the championship last year, had not lost any away games this year but at home at Back Way Bar in Parsons Ground it lost five games in total.

In the first round, Phillips Domino Club beat them 13-6 in the second game July 30; and on Aug. 22 Giants narrowly beat them 13-12. In the second round Unity Patriots beat them 13-6 in the very first game Sept. 24, and on Oct. 10 Constituency Number Six sister team Saddlers,beat them 13-11.

Saddlers, in second position in points standing, also suffered a home defeat Tuesday at the Shanty Bar in Saddlers Village to Sylvers Domino Club 13-10. Saddlers  lost the away game to Sylvers 13-7 in the first round at Sylvers Bar in Hidden Alley, Lodge Village Aug. 8.

In other games played Tuesday, Giants Domino Club humbled Molineux Domino Club 13-2 at the Lodge Community Centre in Lodge Project; Unstoppable Domino Club stopped Small Corner Bar Domino Club 13-3 at the Edgar Gilbert Sporting Complex pavilion in Molineux; while past champions Unity Patriots Domino Club beat Christchurch 13-7 at Cuban Bar in Lodge Project.

At the end of the second round of the round-robin, home-and-away, stage of the competition, defending champions Parsons are leading with 79 points, followed by Saddlers with 72 points. In third position are Unstoppable and Guinness tied at 71 points each.

The top four teams — Parsons, Saddlers, Unstoppable, and Guinness — will take part in the semi-finals knock-out competition.

The clubs which will participate in the best-of-the-rest competition are, past champions Unity Patriots who have 68 points; Small Corner Bar 55 points; Giants 49 points; Christchurch 43 points; Sylvers 43 points; and Molineux 38 points.

The executive committee will meet on Thursday at the Lodge Community Centre in Lodge Village at 7 p.m. to discuss the way forward for the top four teams, and the ones that will take part in the best-of-the-rest competition, according to the President of the executive committee of Constituency Number Seven Domino League, Calvin Farrell.

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