Guyana Claims CARICOM Lead In Kidney Dialysis And Transplant Surgery.

Photo: Public domain. A patient undergoes kidney dialysis.
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With the government pouring billions of dollars into Guyana’s health sector, it has now become the leading kidney transplant country within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

This is according to Advisor to the Minister of Health, Guyana’s Ambassador to Switzerland, Dr Leslie Ramsammy.

Dr Ramsammy noted the country’s achievement during the recent edition of the health ministry’s ‘Health Matters’ programme which was aired on their Facebook page on Friday.

The advisor explained that with the health of citizens being the number one priority and the crucial investment, the government has been making, more medications and modern services are becoming available.

“Guyana has recently upped its game when it comes to kidney replacement therapy, this is what people generally know as dialysis and kidney transplant. We have become the leading kidney transplant country in Caricom. In 2024 we are expanding the programme and making it a centre of excellence,” Dr Ramsammy stated.

One of the many contributing factors to this is the increase in access to dialysis treatment for patients.

This comes in the form of the $600,000 subvention that the government provides annually for each person who is in need of dialysis treatment. (This would be equivalent to about $3,000 US dollars.)

The rolling out of dialysis centres across the country with modern machines, equipment, and medications has also contributed significantly to this attainment.

The advisor noted that to keep the country on track with this achievement, the ministry is in the process of not only rolling out medications such as the HbA1C to persons who are already diagnosed with the disease but also implementing it within the primary healthcare system.

Regular testing on the most vulnerable populations will also be done.

“So, Guyana is moving forward, we are adopting revolutionary and new approaches to kidney health…we are adding our own dimensions because we want kidney health to be in every home in this country. We have to start medications early, everyone with kidney disease must be exposed to modern testing and medications,” the doctor asserted.

Source: Guyana DPI.
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