Guyana President Hints at US Based Plot to Destabilize Govt.

Dr. Mohammed Irfaan Ali
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President Dr. Mohammed Irfaan Ali believes yesterday’s fire at the Brickdam Police Headquarters and another blaze at the Mabaruma Secondary School were part of a plot to destabilize Guyana.

Speaking with reporters after he toured a temporary police post set up at the St Stanislaus College this morning, Ali said he was “bothered” by the entire situation which has resulted in the loss of two important state assets.

Ali did not give specifics on the threats, which he noted were made around the time he was in New York City to participate in the UN General Assembly.

“This is coming on the heels of threats made from New York. This is not the first time [that threats were made] and I’m not going to take this lightly,” he said. Ali did not explain if ‘threats from New York’ referred to the US or UN.

“I’m going to ask for international support to investigate, to follow any lead and to ensure that our capital remains safe and stable,” he said.

An investigation into the Brickdam Police Headquarters is ongoing.

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