Guyana Wants To Expand Adventure Tourism.

File photo of ziplining. This is one of the activities that is popular in various destinations and enables tourist to safely inspect tropical jungles without having to worry about stepping on snakes.
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The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) has said it is embarking  on a comprehensive assessment of the adventure tourism market in Guyana with a view to expanding the sector.

According to Wikipedia:

Adventure travel is a type of tourism, involving exploration or travel with a certain degree of risk (real or perceived), and which may require special skills and physical exertion. In the United States, adventure tourism has grown in recent decades as tourists seek out-of-the-ordinary or “roads less traveled” vacations, but lack of a clear operational definition has hampered measurement of market size and growth. According to the U.S.-based Adventure Travel Trade Association, adventure travel may be any tourist activity that includes physical activity, a cultural exchange, and connection with outdoor activities and nature.

Adventure tourists may have the motivation to achieve mental states characterized as rush or flow, resulting from stepping outside their comfort zone. This may be from experiencing culture shock or by performing acts requiring significant effort and involve some degree of risk, real or perceived, or physical danger. This may include activities such as mountaineeringtrekkingbungee jumpingmountain bikingcyclingcanoeingscuba divingraftingkayakingzip-liningparaglidinghikingexploringGeocachingcanyoneeringsandboardingcaving and rock climbing.

Some obscure forms of adventure travel include disaster and ghetto tourism. Other rising forms of adventure travel include social and jungle tourism.

GTA’s Director Kamrul Baksh explained that Guyana’s product portfolio needs to be diversified and the authority has begun talks with key representatives of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) to achieve the goal.

ATTA is the largest global network of adventure travel leaders that aims to empower the global travel community to protect natural and cultural capital while creating economic value that benefits both trade members and destinations.

“We want to bring in the expertise to see exactly what potential we have and I think we have so many undiscovered gems…That is something that we are committing to doing and ensuring that we have an initial assessment done to determine how feasible those products will be,” the director stated during the recent launch of a new tourism product in the Rupununi tourism circuit.

Meanwhile, Baksh noted that the GTA is also lending support to communities and partners who are interested in culture tourism through its community-led and owned framework.

Cultural tourism involves travelling to destinations primarily to experience and engage with the cultural heritage, traditions, arts, and lifestyle of the local communities.

He said the GTA will collaborate closely with tour operators to support these studies.

Source: Guyana GIS.
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